Keep Your Wood Stove Safe

If you have a fireplace or a wood stove, you will no doubt want to make sure it is always safe to use.  One of the biggest safety issues is a build up of creosote that can happen if your chimney is not properly taken care of.  Creosote builds up when tarry or sooty particles from a smoky fire hit the chimney cap and creates a build up on the walls of the chimney. You should have your chimney checked at least a couple of times per year by a professional to determine if cleaning is necessary.  Having a trained professional do the cleaning for you will ensure that the process is done correctly and safely.

To minimize the amount of creosote build up,  make sure you use split, seasoned wood in a hot fire and leave the draft open for 15-20 minutes to ensure the wood is completely charred before reducing it.  If there is a screen on your chimney cap, be sure it is no smaller than a ½” square mesh.  Smaller mesh will plug much faster.

We hope you stay cozy and warm and safe this winter and will always be YOUR KEY TO OXFORD COUNTY..


Sheila, Shirleen & Karen

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