Century21 Home University

We have designed a 18 workshop program specifically designed to relaunch existing careers and lay a foundational path of knowledge for those newly entering the Real Estate Industry. Our Company is unique in that we facilitate these courses 6 months in advance of the individual actually earning their license and registration ( for those new to the Industry). The strategy is that these candidates will know what they need to know when they become licensed and will shorten their learning curve considerably.  In addition, they will have all their systems, presentations and business models in place so they can concentrate on revenue producing activities from day one.  We began offering these courses 2 1/2 years ago, and the results speak for themselves with participants building productive real estate practices.  As we rapidly approach the 70 associate level, this systemized approach ensures a continuity of approach towards the business and puts the entire team on the same page.  Add professional coaching and mentoring to the formula, and success is the result. Knowledge is Power, and that is very evident in today's Century21 Home Realty Inc.

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