Consider These Tips For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners are taking on do-it-yourself projects more and more frequently to save money. There are numerous how-tos online along with many educational shows on cable TV. With all the visuals and documentation on how to execute such projects, do-it-yourself tasks are increasingly easier. For the sake of this article, tips for bathroom remodeling will be shared.

One thing to take in to consideration is individual skill level when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. If the skill level is low, there are some projects that are better left in the hands of professionals. However, if an advanced skillset is possessed, by all means, save money by completing projects without a hired professional.

After taking skill level in to consideration, with any remodel, bathrooms included, the best place to start is by setting a budget. This will make it easier to pick out materials that can be used and really start to structure the design plan. If the budget becomes a struggle because of desired materials, consider refinishing the bathtub, shower, sink or tile. These are all aspects of a bathroom remodel that can get expensive, so repurposing one or more can save a significant chunk of change. Further, if the budget is small, avoid plans that require moving plumbing as this is another large expense with a bathroom remodel.

There are a couple simple fixes that can be made to give a bathroom a serious facelift. First, update old drawer handles or knobs with more modern pieces of hardware. Updating a faucet handle to something more modern can also make a huge difference. These are two fixes that are simple, easy and inexpensive.

When planning a bathroom remodel, take lighting in to account. When relaxing in a nice hot bath, dim lighting is pleasant. On the contrary, when applying makeup, bright light is more desirable. The lighting in any room, including a bathroom, plays a major role in setting the mood and should not be overlooked.

Another important element in a bathroom is ventilation. Poorly ventilated bathrooms are subject to mold and mildew. If a bathroom does not have a vent fan with the appropriate CFMs, which can be calculated by multiplying air speed in feet per minute by the bathroom's square footage, be sure to include that fix in the remodel.

Do-it-yourself projects, including bathroom remodels, are great ways to develop home improvement skills. They are also great ways to save money. With more and more resources available for free, homeowners everywhere are executing home repairs without hiring the help of a professional to save money. For those working on or considering a bathroom remodel, take the above tips in to account.

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