Home Inspections

I get asked by clients and friends all the time whether or not they should get a home inspection. Some typical questions that arise are "The home is almost brand new, is there really a need for it?" or "Is it really necessary to have it done or is it just a money grab?". My simple answer to whether or not you should have a home inspection is YES!

When you think about the fact that you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on what is most likely to be the single largest investment of your life, doesn't it seem silly to skip on something so important, something that costs a mere $300-$500?

True, a trained Realtor can often help you to identify the general condition of a home. However, in a short visit major details can be missed. A certified home inspector will investigate the home much more thoroughly and can offer a lot more technical and mechanical insight-- both good and bad. The best case scenario is that nothing major is uncovered and you can proceed with your purchase with no worries, regrets, or stress.

If you have any further questions please contact me through my website at www.century21.ca/brandon.town or by direct phone at 519 242 0171.

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