Mambella's Midtown Cafe


188 King Street South, Waterloo 


Don't you just love the name? I think it's perfect for a cafe. It's the maiden name of Mambella's owner, Tina Brisbin.  Mambella's is our newest cafe in Uptown Waterloo.  I had the pleasure of eating there during the holidays. The fact is, a friend and I needed to escape our families for an hour or two (is it ok to say that?) and chose Mambella's.  We spent a lovely hour and a half sitting in the cafe by the fireplace drinking our hot chocolate and eating banana bread too impressed to complain about our families.  I had been wishing I hadn't eaten lunch (turkey again) as the chalk board was filled with tantalizing options like Sweet Potato Lasagna and Creamy Broccoli and Cheddar Soup.  "Fresh, Fast and Friendly" is Tina's motto and  I must say the hot chocolate and banana bread were fresh and delicious and Tina was very welcoming.  

If you are looking for a catered business lunch, lunch with a friend or just want to sit with a good hot coffee and watch Uptown Waterloo go by then Mambella's is the place to go. I plan on spending some good quality eating time there.  Meet me?


 Mambella's hours:  Monday to Friday 8-6pm. Saturday 9-6pm 

Contact:  519-579-0000





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