Questions To Ask When Buying a Home

Before You Start Looking:

  • How much can I afford? Will I qualify for a mortgage?

  • How much do I need for a down payment?

  • How much are the closing costs (lawyer fees, land transfer tax, HST, etc.)?

  • How much are property taxes?

  • Are there any incentives available (First time buyers, Energy Efficient Homes Home Renovations)? How do I find out?


About the House:

  • Should I buy a new home, pre-owned home or an older home?

  • Do I want a home that is a “fixer-upper” or “move-in ready?”

  • How many bedrooms do I need?

  • Do I need a large yard?

  • How much room do I need now, and for the future?

  • Do I like the layout? Wall colours, fixtures, and appliances can be changed, but changing a floor plan is a challenge.

  • Does anything need to be repaired or replaced? Who will pay for them (you or the seller?).

  • If it is a condominium, what are the condo fees and what do they cover?

Try to imagine the house in all situations: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Visualize those hot Summer days and cold Winter nights.


About the Location:

  • What school will my children go to? How can I find out before buying a home?

  • How far am I willing to commute to work?

  • Where can I park my car? Is there a driveway, a garage, or on-street parking?

  • What are the neighbours like? How can I find out before discovering they are party animals on move-in day?

  • Do I feel comfortable in this neighbourhood?

And the most important to ask, will I be happy living in this home?




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