Tiny Apartment

I predict that in our region, we will likely end up learning to live with more space because Waterloo has run out of land, so a lot of our building is now going up instead of spreading out.  Check out this nifty efficient space in NYC:


Hmmm...what would it be like to live like this?  I personally think it would be easy.  Roger and I have been living through a very slow renovation for the past year.  Our house is small to begin with, and we're only occupying some of it at the moment.  I'm inspired to really keep things simple once we're all done with the dusty work.  The majority of our personal "stuff" is being stored in our garage, and honestly, when it comes time to unpacking our boxes and bins, I will likely decide to reserve a lot of it for home staging accessories.  Or I may decide to alternate my decor items so I never get bored. 

Either way, I really think I could live like this.  A place for everything, and everything in its place sounds pretty simple and happy to me.  North Americans think they need more than they do. 

Could you live like this?

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