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Cities in Ontario, Canada

Index of Cities in Ontario, Canada - S
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Sarnia, ON
Sarnia, ON Avg. List Price: $708,809

Located in the southwestern region of Ontario, you'll find one of the largest cities located on Lake Huron by the name of Sarnia, ON. This is a lovely ...

Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Sault Ste. Marie, ON Avg. List Price: $228,430

Sault Ste. Marie is one of the oldest settlements in North America. Sault Ste. Marie (also know as "the Sault" or "the Soo") is a city located on the St. ...

Schomberg, ON
Schomberg, ON Avg. List Price: $472,429

Schomberg is an unincorporated village in northwestern King, Ontario,  Situated north of the Oak Ridges Moraine and south of the Holland River, the ...

Scotland & Oakland, ON
Scotland & Oakland, ON Avg. List Price: $366,740

Scotland & Oakland – Small Town Living! The communities of Scotland and Oakland are located just off Highway 24 South. Tucked away from the stresses ...

Sebright, ON
Sebright, ON Avg. List Price: $334,265

Located on  just off Hwy 169 and near Casino Rama

Shedden, ON
Shedden, ON Avg. List Price: $151,088

Shedden, Ontario is a hamlet in Southwold Township, Elgin County in southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is known as "The Rhubarb Capital of Ontario" and is ...

Shrewsbury, ON
Shrewsbury, ON Avg. List Price: $157,269

Sometimes it becomes important to find a small community when it comes to relocation and real estate investments. If you find yourself in this situation, ...

Simcoe, ON
Simcoe, ON Avg. List Price: $307,574

For those planning to relocate to a location other than London, Brentford, or Hamilton Ontario, Simcoe, ON will more than likely be the perfect choice. ...

Sioux Narrows, ON
Sioux Narrows, ON Avg. List Price: $318,656

WELCOME TO SIOUX NARROWS NESTOR FALLS! The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls was founded around sixty years ago, the small, neighboring ...

Smiths Falls, ON
Smiths Falls, ON Avg. List Price: $219,038

A desirable home is not just about buildings, it’s also about the community and the lifestyles to be enjoyed – the quality of life – ...

Smithville, ON
Smithville, ON Avg. List Price: $418,662

Smithville is a small community in the township of West Lincoln, located on Regional Road 20 between Hamilton and Niagara Falls. It is largely an ...

Sombra, ON
Sombra, ON Avg. List Price: $178,325

Sombra is a village situated on the St. Clair River, in southwestern Ontario, within the municipality of St. Clair Township. Sombra's current population ...

South Buxton, ON
South Buxton, ON Avg. List Price: $389,900

South River, ON
South River, ON Avg. List Price: $197,374

Located on Hwy 11, about half an hour south of North Bay and 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto, South River has a permanent population of about 1,100 which ...

Sparta, ON
Sparta, ON Avg. List Price: $443,947

Sparta Ontario - this pretty, historic village was founded by a group of Pennsylvania Quakers who settled here in 1822, led by Josiah Doan. The descendants ...

Springfield, ON
Springfield, ON Avg. List Price: $210,846

Malahide Township was named for Malahide Castle in Malahide, Ireland, birthplace of land grant administrator Colonel Thomas Talbot in 1810. The village ...

St. Agatha, ON
St. Agatha, ON Avg. List Price: $902,852

St. Agatha, ON is located just to the south west of Waterloo and Kitchener Ontario. Residing just to the north of highway 9, this is a small community ...

St. Catharines, ON
St. Catharines, ON Avg. List Price: $377,779

Resting between two enormous Great Lakes, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, you'll find a wonderful community of St. Catharines, ON. Only a short distance away ...

St. Clements, ON
St. Clements, ON Avg. List Price: $379,200

St. Clements is a small community within Wellesley Township.  The average sale price of homes in this area is about $379 000.

St. George, ON
St. George, ON Avg. List Price: $899,519

St.George – Rare Treats and Antiques! Spend a leisurely day in St.George. Reminiscent of a small, British village...begin your visit with a trip ...

St. Jacobs, ON
St. Jacobs, ON Avg. List Price: $302,350

St. Jacobs country is a rural community that is known for attracting quite a bit of tourism within the Waterloo Region. The Farmer’s Market is its ...

St. Joseph, ON
St. Joseph, ON Avg. List Price: $194,346

St. Joseph Island is located approximately 40km east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada on Highway 17 East and has been linked to the mainland by bridge ...

St. Thomas, ON
St. Thomas, ON Avg. List Price: $249,168

The city has come a long way since it was first settled in 1810. Named after Thomas Talbot, who helped promote the development of this region during the ...

St.-Charles, ON
St.-Charles, ON Avg. List Price: $197,986

The Municipality of St.-Charles boasts the natural beauty of the West Arm of Lake Nipissing and Lake Nepewassi.  Year after year, thousands of tourists ...

Staples, ON
Staples, ON Avg. List Price: $216,200

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