Buying a Kid Safe Home

Buying a Kid-Friendly home

Your family is growing. Your house is shrinking! As most parents experience, when you start having babies you accumulate LOTS of stuff. Here are some tips if you are looking to move and expand your growing family.




Make sure when you are house hunting that you find a home with plenty of storage. That way you can hide some of that mess that seems to accumulate.



Look for a kitchen or living room that has a big open window so you are able to do chores and watch your little rugrats as they play outside.



Pick a neighborhood that is family oriented. Drive around different neighborhoods see where parks, bike paths and schools are located.



If you have an infant or a light sleeper find a room not attached to the bathroom. Late night showers or washroom runs may wake your sleeping babe.



Lastly, Find a property that has a open floor plan so your kids can run around without bumping into you, each other or the walls.

- Rocio Radke the Real Estate Mom

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