How Replacement Windows Can Change the Look of Your Home

When considering home improvements, many people overlook the benefits that come with replacing the windows in their home. While this can be a large undertaking, it also has many positive effects.

Besides the obvious benefit of increasing the value of your home, Greg Martineau Projects, a replacement windows Calgary firm, points to the following added benefits of new windows: "Windows are not just products that greatly improve the look of your home but windows also provide many functions such as natural lighting, a source of ventilation, protection from Calgary’s harsh winters or even an emergency exit." 

 Energy Efficient. You can reduce your energy consumption by changing your single pane windows into double or triple panes  The extra glass helps insulate your home from the weather and keeps your heat or air conditioning inside. On average, new double pane windows can reduce your monthly electricity consumption by 7-10 percent. This reduction in utility costs will help pay for the project in very little time.

 Can Enhance Lighting. Changing your windows can enhance the natural light that comes into your home. Not only will this reduce light and energy consumption, but it can beautify the interior of your home as well.

 Will Help Ventilation. Over time, many people may paint their windows closed, or windows no longer open because they are broken, or they simply never worked when you moved into the home and have not been fixed. It becomes a habit not to air out your home, even though this is very good for your health. Having new windows that easily open and close will allow you to ventilate your home and enjoy the health benefits.

 Up To Code. If you live in an older home, chances are your windows are not up to fire and safety codes in your town. These codes continually update through the years and a majority of people do not find out their windows are not up to code until they try to sell their home. For safety reasons, it is always better to have windows that meet building codes.

Replacing Windows in an Historic Home

Some home owners have avoided replacing their windows because they are in a historically restricted structure. In the past, many of these homeowners could not replace their windows because it would compromise the architecture. Now, due to advances in the industry, windows can be replaced that are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing without changing the historical look or value of the home.

Changing or Adding New Windows

If you are not restricted by any specific regulations or building codes, window replacement can change the appearance of your home. You could add a bay window or maybe some sky lights in your living room. You may also want to change the size to make them smaller or larger, change a shape, or even add a window where there is not one now. Working with a window contractor will allow you to see different designs and understand every aspect of the process.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and the benefits are many when you decide to change the windows in your home. This is one home improvement project that should be considered when you want to enhance your home or make it ready to sell. 

Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer who writes regularly on topics relating to real estate, interior design and home improvements. Greg Martineau Projects is a replacement windows Calgary-based firm which prides itself on an excellent customer service reputation. They only fit the highest quality replacement products - including windows, doors and sidings - which they promise will exceed customers expectations.

Photo Credit: Jim's house, interior 7 by stevendamron, on Flickr

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