Staging Tricks and Treats

Thanks to Crazy House Staging for the following article on tips to enhance the look of a home for a sale:

The ability to make a home look great for sale is neither a mystical talent nor a God given blessing bestowed upon a fortunate few. 

Home staging has principles and some.... TRICKS OF THE TRADE.



We all have the right to be caprious in our tastes.

Everything about a front door, its style, its colour and hardware makes a statement about its inhabitants. A tarnished door handle and rusty mailbox are sending a message of neglect.

Staging Trick - Add an element of surprise and interest when choosing hardware and update with something eye-catching. 

Think of it as jewellery for your door.


Want to Sell Quickly? Rejuvenate with paint.

Just like those groovy harvest golds and avocado greens of the 70s, colour tastes have changed

Nothing has a bigger impact on a room than an effective wall colour. Colour is the single best, most inexpensive way to make a dramatic change.

Staging Trick - Yellow is perceived by the eye as radiant, and can make a dark space brighter.


Every Room’s A Stage

Shelves have long been neutral players in our homes, quietly supporting objects of desire, which take centre stage.

Clever display can draw the eye towards to good features of a room and away from the bad.  It takes little time and effort, and the results can be dramatic.

A bookshelf or fireplace mantle is perhaps the most obvious display space in the home, but it often gets neglected. They are often laden and stuffed with photos, books, videos, and collectibles with little thought to what they look like.  Simple reorganizing and styling can do much to transform the look of an interior and serves to create a harmonious, organized and beautiful scene.

Staging Trick - Bring objects and books on shelves forward so they don't get lost in the dark recesses of the cabinet.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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