Who to Contact When Your Moving!


You’ve bought a new house and will be moving soon.  It can be a quite stressful and hectic time.  Informing people of your new address prior to moving will help things transition much more smoothly. So who should you contact prior to moving? 



Your utility companies will need to know of your upcoming move.  They will need the end date for the utilities at your current location and the start date at your new home.  If you are not using the same utility companies at your new address they still need to know when to stop your services.  Here are some links to local utility companies in Ottawa that explain their moving process:






Canada Post will need your new address to forward your mail.  That way you make sure you don’t miss out on anything important and prevent mail from being sent to your old address.



You can to go to a Service Canada Location to change the address on your driver’s license or you can change it online.  There is no cost for this change.



Your employer will need to know you are moving.  Make sure you let them know prior to the move so that they have your accurate contact information on file.


By this point most of your close family and friends probably know of your upcoming move.  Facebook is a great tool to use to send a quick message to contacts with your new address.


If you are currently renting, you will want to let your Landlord know.  Most landlords will require 60 days notice prior to the 1st of the month.  Make sure you give your landlord proper notice so that you do not get penalized. 





Credit card companies use your home address for billing purposes.  Unless you want to remember to use your old address you will need to update your billing address with any companies you own a credit card with. 


You don’t want to miss any important upcoming appointments so be sure to contact your doctor/dentist office with your new contact information.


Your children’s school will need to know of your upcoming move for their records.  If you are changing to a new school district you will need to make the proper arrangements.  The school bus company will also need to be aware so you can make any needed changes to your child’s bus routes.


It can seem like a lot to do, but it is very important part of the moving process.  Hopefully this list will be of some help to point you in the right direction!

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