Preparing for An Emergency

Today’s blog post is a little different then the others that we have done.  Like many of you, we know many people in Fort McMurray who have been so greatly affected by the wildfires and some who have lost their homes.  Since this has all began I started to think about emergency plans for my own family.  Would we be prepared?  Would we know what to do?  I don’t think we would. 


Starting out with a good emergency kit is a great first step.  The kit should contain the necessities that you and your family will need for at least 72 hours.  Some things to include in you kit would be:

  • Water

  • Food that will not spill such as canned food, protein bars, and dried goods.Food and water should be changed out once a year.

  • Manual Can Opener

  • Flashlight

  • Battery Powered Radio and extra batteries

  • First Aid Kit

  • Needed Meds

  • Baby Formula & diapers

  • Extra keys for your house and cars.

  • Cash, smaller bills.

  • Photocopies of personal papers for each family member

  • A copy of your Emergency Plan

If you have some additional space you may want to consider adding:

  • Blankets

  • Candles and matches or a lighter

  • Clothing

  • Toiletries

  • Small Tool Kit

Every family should have an emergency plan in place.  Sometimes it takes things like the wildfires in Alberta  to remind us of this.  Your family will not always be together when an emergency occurs so you will need to have a plan in place to know how to reach/get to one another.  Pick meeting places (ie., a place near your home, a spot in your neighbourhood and ways to evacuate your neighbourhood successfully.)  Talk to your children’s school/daycare to find out what policy’s they have in place in the case of an emergency and make sure they have your up to date contact information.  Pets are a very important member of our family; you should have plans in place for them as well so they do not get lost in the chaos.  Your family should designate an emergency contact outside of your community for emergencies.  Each family member should know to get in touch with this person in the case of emergency.

Being prepared will go a long way in the case of an emergency.  Making sure your children are aware and know what they should do will give you some peace of mind.  Hopefully we will never find ourselves in this type of situation…but they are called emergencies for a reason. 


The people of Fort McMurray need our support and our help right now.  They are facing an unimaginable situation.  Many of them will have to rebuild their lives.  If you can help out even just a little please visit the Red Cross website to donate:

The Canadian Government has announced that they will match any donation that is made to the Red Cross.  If we all pull together we can help.

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