Sources of Information for Buyers of Property in Prince Edward County

During the many years of assisting Buyers of property in Prince Edward, a number of recurring questions are asked. For the individual just beginning to explore the possibilities of owning property here in beautiful Prince Edward County, they wonder about what makes "The County" so special ? What is it like to live in the County ? What services are available ? What is the climate like ? Are there lots of things to do ? These are just a few of the questions asked.

For the individual who has found the property that they wish to buy, questions such as; Where do I find information about the zoning of the property ?  Can I build a home of the lot ? Where do I find information about wells and septic systems ? Are there places to find information about environmental factors ? Are there trades people to undertake renovations or restorations ?

My business partner Don Ross and I decided that it would be handy to have a source for EVENTS, SERVIES and REAL ESTATE INFORMATION ,  to where we could direct individuals and families who want to find out more about Prince Edwarrd County.

We gathered a list of Events, Activities , Services and Information and added a link to various web sites and pages where details could be easily found.

If you are in need of information, simply follow this link to a source in our web site...........







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