Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

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Welcome to my Website

My name is Ian Anderson and I have chosen to practice in Real Estate
with Century 21 Canada. I am considered by my peers in the
business community to be a very dynamic enthusiastic, self-driven,
highly motivated individual. I certainly believe that that "A type"
personality is what is strongly required to market your well appointed
property in this local marketplace!

If your seeking to choose an agent that respects

"Honesty -Determination- Sincerity - Integrity" and

you can offer the same in return - Call me and lets get down to business!

                                                  (902) 209-6078

Professional Background

Formerly a Business Development Consultant with a managerial /sales
successful background, I am a proven conceptual, analytical thinker with
creative abilities.  I have considerable experience in Strategy
Development, Change Management, Customer Satisfaction, and
Organizational skills, culminated with strong Negotiating and
Implementation skills.
My entrepreneurial style has led me to many successes early in life.  I moved to Halifax, Nova
Scotia in the early 80's where I enjoyed a very successful career with
Pitney Bowes of Canada till 1990, in the capacity as a Senior Marketing
Representative.  My successful career enabled me to travel to the
various locations in the Canada, United States,Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland
In 1991, I leveraged my talent, marketing experience and selected a new
career with Honeywell of Canada.  Promoting "Energy Management
Contracts", until my departure in 1997, where I initiated over 18
million dollars in business.  I was responsible for a team of
professional engineers, collecting and decimating engineering audits of
building management systems and equipment, and presenting single source
accountability solutions to assist my clients in the field of Energy
In 1999, I worked in a consulting capacity with Marshall Media Group as Director of IT
Development.  As director, I was responsible to coach and mentor a team
of programmers and developers responsible for website creation and
development of e-commerce sites.
In 2000, I also was contracted with Cage Digital Productions; a digital
animation company located Halifax as the Vice President of Business
Development.  Cage Digital worked with clients in Halifax, New York,
Toronto and Los Angeles. I introduced Forensic Animation to the Criminal Law Society of Canada at the University of Calgary.
Over the past 17 years, I have continued my personal training and
development. Studying Real Estate Licensing, Website Marketing, and Electronic
Commerce.  Since 1985 I have taken courses in "Effective Meeting
Skills", "Xerox- The Art of Successful Negotiations", Forum - "Face to
Face Selling Skills", "Xerox -Effective Meetings Workshop", "Drake
International -Behavioral Descriptive Interviewing (BDI)", "Wilson
Learning- Counselor Selling", "Xerox PSS2 Sales Training"
I have been a past member of the Board of Trade and The Art Gallery of
Nova Scotia.  I frequently volunteer in the community helping the less
fortunate; have a keen interest in Foreign Policy, the stock market, and
Real Estate Industry in general. Travel, photography, gardening, home
renovations, reading and golfing are some of my hobbies.  Enough about


It is my personal goal to provide the finest Real Estate Service in HRM, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.

In so doing, I will earn the loyalty and trust of home sellers and home buyers who will become my life long clients and friends because I always place their interests ahead of my own.  I seek a client base built on the pillars of "HONESTY - INTEGRITY - LOYALTY - SINCERITY"!  If you can offer "HONESTY - INTEGRITY - LOYALTY - SINCERITY" to your Real Estate Agent - contact me today and lets do business!

I truly understand what a "WIN - WIN" relationship is all about!

Personal Background


I have in excess  of 20 years sales experience with specialized training  in Sales and Negotiations.

I strive to seek clients that can offer "RESPECT - HONESTY - INTEGRITY - LOYALTY - SINCERITY" in a business transaction!


Over the past 17 years, I have continued my personal training and
development. Studying Real Estate Licensing, Website Marketing, and Electronic
Commerce.  Since 1985 I have taken courses in "Effective Meeting
Skills", "Xerox- The Art of Successful Negotiations", Forum - "Face to
Face Selling Skills", "Xerox -Effective Meetings Workshop", "Drake
International -Behavioral Descriptive Interviewing (BDI)", "Wilson
Learning- Counselor Selling", "Xerox PSS2 Sales Training"

Hire an agent with a sucessfull career sales career in diversified Sales positions. At least you know  he/she can get the job done for you. Don't base your decision on commission rates - base it on skilll - ability and personality!

CENTURY 21® Awards

  • 2012 - Masters Silver
  • 2011 - Masters Silver
  • 2010 - Masters Silver
  • 2009 - Masters Silver
  • 2008 - Masters Silver
  • 2007 - Masters Ruby
  • 2006 - Masters Silver
  • 2005 - Masters Emerald

Community Involvement

I am currently working with my local councillor to see if we can get a "Dog Park" in my neighborhood!

Anyone ever work with the city?...its a chore!  Helping out others is the best anyone can do!

Selling your home?


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The Gold Standard…exceeding expectations!

21 Ways to Dress Your House for Success!

  1. Uncluttering makes every room look larger and neater. Remove or store things you don’t need to create a comfortable and inviting feeling. Remember, when in doubt, throw it out, sell it or give it away.
  2. Ensure the outside of your home is appealing by cutting and trimming the lawn, shrubs and flower beds. In the winter keep your driveway and walkways clear of ice and snow.
  3. In the kitchen, clear extra appliances and accessories from the counters. Remove extra dishes from cupboards and pack them away. Clear areas used for memos and children’s artwork.
  4. Clean and organize your bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, counters and linen closets. Pack and store all extra items.
  5. Remove newspapers and old magazines from coffee and end tables. Remove and store any old furniture in need of repair, remove unhealthy plants and organize books on bookshelves.
  6. Clear children’s play areas. Store extra toys, clothes and boxes as well as excess furniture you have in bedroom areas. Organize and minimize closet items.
  7. Go through your tool shed, garage and basement to ensure that everything is picked up, stacked and organized.
  8. Cleaning makes your home easy to explore and gives the impression that it has been well cared for. Ensure every room smells as good as it looks, paying special attention to pet areas, nurseries and bathrooms.
  9. Wash windows inside and out. Hose down the siding and brick work around the house.
  10. Wipe out the inside of all cupboards and wash/polish cabinets. Clean vents and exhaust hoods. Thoroughly clean all appliances inside and out.
  11. Remove any stains, mold or damaged caulking around tubs, shower stalls and sinks. Clean and polish glass, mirrors and metal fixtures.
  12. Have all carpets and/or floors cleaned or at minimum spot cleaned. Polish furniture and woodwork. Clean and polish light fixtures.
  13. Ensure that drapes and blinds are clean and dust free.
  14. Repairing eliminates potential objections before they arise. If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are someone else will too.
  15. Repair or replace damaged window screens, glass or hardware. Repaint damaged trim areas around doors, windows and roof areas. Replace/repair and repaint damaged fencing.
  16. Repair leaky faucets. Replace defective light bulbs, broken electrical outlets and switch plates. Fill and paint any cracks in ceilings and walls. Check all appliances and repair as needed.
  17. Neutralizing helps people visualize their own things in your house. Use neutral paint, décor and carpeting to create a home for any lifestyle.
  18. Replace outdated wallpaper with a neutral paint or paper. Replace patterned shower curtains and towels with new ones in neutral colours.
  19. Consider painting your cement basement and garage floors.
  20. Look through home decorating magazines for decorating ideas that can give your home that appealing edge.

  1. Lastly, identify jobs around the house that need to be done prior to showing your home. This should be a quick process, done daily, to make it easy for your family and ensure that your home is ready for SHOW TIME!

Mortgage Information Glossary


Basic Definitions

Mortgage A long-term loan primarily for the purpose of buying a home. A mortgage is a legal agreement in which the borrower pledges the property being purchased as security for the loan.


Principal The amount of the loan - the cash you actually borrow.


Term The number of months or years the mortgage covers. Normally, it will be anywhere from six months to five years.


Amortization The actual number of years it will take to repay the mortgage in full. This is usually much longer than the term of the mortgage.


Equity The difference between the amount for which the property could be sold and the amount you still owe on the loan.


Types of Mortgages

Pre-Approved Mortgage Preliminary approval is given by the lender of the borrower's application for a mortgage to a certain maximum amount and usually with a guaranteed rate for a set period of time.


Conventional Mortgage A loan for no more than 75 per cent of the appraised value or purchase price of the property, whichever is less.


High Ratio Morgage A mortgage usually for more than 75 per cent of the appraised value or purchase price of the property. Such a mortgage is often referred to as an NHA mortgage because it is granted under the provisions of the National Housing Act. These mortgages must, by law, be insured through GE Mortgage Insurance Corporation or the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).


First Mortgage The debt registered against your property that has to be paid first in the event of sale or default.


Second Mortgage A mortgage granted when there is already one other mortgage registered against the property. If the borrower defaults and the property is sold, the second mortgage is paid after the first mortgage.


Leasehold Mortgage A mortgage on a home and/or improvements where the land is rented rather than owned.
Collateral Mortgage A mortgage backed by a promissory note and the security of a mortgage on real property. The money borrowed is usually used for other purposes, such as home improvements, a vacation or a business investment.


Bridge Financing A special, short-term loan needed to cover the time gap between completing the purchase of a property as agreed and finalizing arrangements to pay. This usually occurs when two properties are involved and the closing dates do not match.


Terms and Conditions

Fixed Rate Mortgage A mortgage for which the rate of interest is set for a specific period of time (the term of the mortgage). The regular payment of the principal and interest remains the same throughout the term.


Variable Rate Mortgage A mortgage for which the rate of interest changes from time to time as money market conditions change. The amount of the regular payment of a variable rate mortgage does not change. The difference lies in the way the payment is applied. If interest rates go up, more of the regular payment will be applied toward interest. If interest rates go down, more of the regular payment will be applied toward the principal.


Open Mortgage A mortgage which allows the borrower to repay the loan more quickly than agreed, usually with prepayment charges.


Closed Mortgage A mortgage that generally does not allow the borrower to repay the loan more quickly than agreed.


Portable Mortgage A mortgage where the principal balance, the term remaining and the interest rate are transferred to a mortgage on your new property.


Blended Occurs when you combine the mortgage balance outstanding on the home you are leaving and adding additional financing to purchase your new home. The interest rate will change to one that combines the rate on your old mortgage with the rate in effect at the time you add additional financing.


Compound Interest Interest charged on interest owing. The more frequent the compounding, the more interest will be paid.


Buying Down A term used when quoting interest rates. It means that someone, usually the vendor or seller, has arranged with the mortgage lender to prepay a portion of the interest owing on the mortgage. This allows you, the new borrower, to assume a mortgage debt at an interest rate lower than the current or stated rate.

Personal Interests

My personal interests are my dog - a Portuguese water dog and my home in the country (Cottage Country!)on a lake!



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