Smooth Turnkey approach with no Stress or B/S involved is what the market seeks today

I have been told by many clients that  when they have had a bad experience in real Estate, its because they needed to be informed and told the truth!  Most clients feel cheated if you do not give them the facts - nothing but the facts and delivered with a personality and sense of humor truthfully!  They still might buy!

Your agent "needs to have  lots of general sales experience, knowledge and sales training to execute a great relationship depicting "strategic thinking" and intelligent strategy!

It is very important to me to sell descriptively ( with a sense of humor) as most persons buying or selling are not as informed as the Real Estate Agent and the agent often overlooks that fact.  It is also important to remember - the clients sometimes wont ask that question as they don't want to feel stupid and want you to assume they know!

When the real estate transaction goes smooth - the client's often wonder why they needed an agent!  ITs because the agent was "pro-active" and laid out the path to closing in advance of the required steps!

You don't have to over do it with trying to impress the clients!  It will come naturally!

Great Agents are truely hard to find!

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