Thinking of Selling your home?

Most home owners really do not know the correct value of their property, and the always have a friend that thinks they know everything about " Real Estate". I have never quite understood how someone with no market data, knowledge on the steps and marketing needed, and knowing on how to answer and directing a person on "Real Estate" legal questions, and no experience in trading in "Real Estate", can represent to a friend that they know more than an agent and that the agent is wrong. It is more confusing how a home owner takes their advise. Lets be clear, the professional agent should be the person for the job and not the friend. You wouldn't ask your friend to advice you on a health problem, you would be asking you family doctor.

Professionals are trained in their field's, and are there to help you and provide a job for you.Think about who you would hire to sell your house next time the professional, or the inexperienced friend?

Ian Filips

Ian Filips

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