My neighbourhood Nuns’ Island

Nuns’ Island (Île-des-Sœurs), an island nestled along the Saint Lawrence River, only a few kilometers from downtown Montreal yet faraway from city noise and traffic. With its island living lifestyle it is one of the most desirable places to live in Montreal, attracting families who want all the advantages of the suburbs without having to deal with traffic and busy bridges to get to work. In recent years Nuns’ Island has undergone dramatic changes with construction of many new residential homes, luxury condos as well some corporate buildings (including Bell Canada Campus) yet with all these changes a good balance between nature and urbanization is still maintained. For the convenience of its inhabitants, the island has two well stocked supermarkets, many fine restaurants and proximity services geared for the locals.

NATURE LOVERS       The island is known for the beauty of its natural setting, a lovely riverside and many parks. The protected forest found in the middle of the island includes a network of walking trails and is perfect for peaceful strolls throughout the year; it is also home to foxes, hares, herons and many migratory birds that attract bird watching enthusiasts from all over Montreal.

SPORTS AND LEASURE       There is a bike path throughout the island that also connects to Montreal and South Shore bike path systems. Many municipal tennis courts, two municipal swimming pools, two soccer fields and a recently opened 9-hole ecological golf course give plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Various parks are found on the island such as; La Fontaine, Adrien-D.-Archambaul, l'Orée-du-Bois, La Métairie, l'Orée-du-Fleuve , West Vancouver, Des Parulines, Des Sittelles, Des Sommets, Elgar, Lacoursière, Marin, Cours-du-Fleuve; some of them include playgrounds for children and provide plenty of space to enjoy nature and fresh air.

CULTURE AND EDUCATION       There is a primary school for local children (École Ile des Soeurs), CPE daycare and various private daycares. The community center in the heart of the island provides a perfect meeting point and offers various activities for residents of all ages; it also holds the local library.

TRANSPORT       The Bonaventure Expressway leads directly downtown, and the Champlain Bridge connects Nuns' Island to the South Shore while Autoroute 15 links it with the rest of Montreal. STCUM buses #12 and #21 provide for easy access to Montreal’s metro system and buses #168 and #480 bring commuters directly downtown.

POINTS OF INTERESTS        One of the first apartment buildings built on Nun's Islands (1962) is the work of renowned Chicago-based architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969). In 1969 Van der Rohe also designed a service station  which is in the process of being reconverted into an inter-generational center.

I have been a resident of Nun’s Island for 23 years. Nuns’ Island has passed the test and has proven to be a perfect place to raise my family.