Photo radars being tested on Québec roads

(Source: ACAIQ - September 2008)

In an effort to get drivers to slow down, photo radars will be installed by late fall along express ways and problem intersections. The Ministry of Transport has received approval from the Québec government to install a first series of these devices on our roads. Drivers travelling in the zones concerned will be pre-warned of their presence.

Initially, drivers who flout the speed limit and are captured by these radars will receive a courtesy ticket reminding them to slow down. As of the beginning of 2009, the first real tickets will be issued to speed violators.

By this action, the government hopes to effect a change in the driving behaviour of Quebecers and improve the province's performance on the road. Countries where photo radars are already in use have seen results in the form of a 20 to 30% drop - up to 85% in some cases - in the number of road accidents.