Energy Saving Program


This winter, homeowners in Durham can apply for a new energy-saving program. The program will help qualified homeowners improve energy efficiency in their homes. The saveONenergy Home Assistance Program, an initiative of the Ontario Power Authority, is already helping more than 800 families in Durham Region. The free program sees a certified energy advisor inspect homes from top to bottom. The inspector will also administer basic upgrades and assesses if homes are qualified for additional energy-saving systems. The non-profit Windfall Ecology Centre is providing the program to Oshawa PUC Networks, Veridian Connections and Whitby Hydro areas.

For more Information and to apply for the program contact:

E-mail: or:

Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. service area: 1-905-448-3817 ext. 167

Veridian Connections Inc. service area: 1-866-214-4770 ext. 167

Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation service area: 1-905-556-2008 ext. 167