Fun Real Estate Facts

Searching the internet for some fun facts and found some on  Enjoy!

1) The median age of the average Realtor is 57.

2) The average age of a first-time buyer in Canada is 29. The average repeat buyer is 52.

3) The average cost of a home in Canada is just over $389,000

4) The average cost of a home in the GTA is just over $523,000

5) The two amenities that most convince couples to buy their first home are the master bathroom and the walk-in closet.

6) At the opposite end of the spectrum, having a swimming pool ranks as the least important amenity when deciding on a first home.

7) Only 48% of first-time buyers are married couples.

8) 74% of unmarried renters living alone are at least somewhat willing to live with their significant other to save money.

9) Only one third of all home-buyers are buying for the first time.