Healthy Bathroom Top Tips!

While it may not look different, much has changed in the bathroom of a healthy house!  Water in particular is much better managed.  nearly 75 percent of the water used in the home is used here.  Wasted water is money down the drain.  With new water-saving devices, bathroom water use can be reduced by as much as 50 per cent with little change in lifestyle!!


Water-efficient Toilet (6L or less)

  • Uses up to 80% less water than a regular toilet
  • dual flush toilets offer even greater savings
  • Refer to the maximum performance testing of toilets on the Canadian Waste Water Association website.

Shower Head (9.6L per minute)


  • Reduced water use by more than 60% with no loss of performance


  • tile is easily kept clean and dry and is durable for bathrooms.
  • Carpet is discouraged because it retains moisture and encourages mold growth

Water-based Semi-gloss Paint

  • Semi-gloss paint is washable, durable and enhances a room's brightness.  Use a low pollutant emission type of paint


  • Essential for controlling humidity and exhausting odours to the outside.  the bathroom can be linked to an integrated house venting system, or a quiet fan (1 zone or less) may vent air directly to the outside.


  • Special low-odour fungicide-free silicone caulking is now available for your bathroom