How to keep your house safe on vacation

There are many things you can do to keep your home safe when you go on vacation. Here are a few of the tips that may be useful if you're planning a trip away from home.

Consider suspending all the local newspapers and you're mail  while you are on vacation. Suspend your subscriptions to magazines until after you have come home from vacation. The first thing the robbers will see when they look for houses to break into is if there is any newspapers left at the door. This is a huge sign that there is no one has been in the house. So you want to make sure that your house won't have newspapers at the front door.

You can install a timer on your exterior light system. So whenever you're gone for more than 24 hours the lights will come on and go off as you have set them. This way it tells any potential robbers that your house is still occupied. Most burglars will check your house around dinner time to see if the lights are on. If they see the lights are off for 3 or more days in a row they will mark your house as their next target.

Another useful tip is to get a friend or family member that you trust to go in and make sure that the grass is watered and the fliers are not left at the door. This can insure that you know your house is still safe and everything will be just the way you left it, and that the house still looks as if it is occupied to any wandering eyes.

You may want to invest in some a home security system. Installing a new security system that can detect both the doors opening, and any movement within the house, which is one of the best ways to know if anyone is in your house, and to alert the authorities in the event of a break-in.r

Last but defnitely not least is to check with your insurance company before going away!  Some companies require that the property be monitored every 72 hours while you away from home.  This can be a friend or relative but the insurance company will want a contact name.  If this is a requirement of your particular policy and something happens you could be in for a big shock when you have to make a claim.