Some people are pros at preparing their homes for showings. They have done it a number of times and they know what works.

If you are new at preparing your home for showings or you haven't done so in years, you may find these hints helpful.

First of all, turn on the lights! Make your home is welcoming and bright. Open blinds and window coverings. Clean your windows. If you have a fireplace, and you will be coming back home soon, light it!  Make sure you leave your outside lights on in the evening.

Edit! Pack up anything that you won't be using. Keep an uncluttered appearance. Showcase your home.

Keep your home clean and organized, keep things picked up and in their place, so that you are prepared when you have little time to prepare for a showing.

Kitchens and bathrooms should be spotless, clear counters, fold towels. Very little on the kitchen counter works best!

Make the entry pleasing and warm. This is the buyer's first impression of your home.

Make sure your home smells good. Try not too cook foods that have strong odours. The other day I made banana bread and everyone that came into my home remarked on how heavenly my home smelt.

Run your dishwasher, buyer's will look inside. Nothing worse than opening a dishwasher with dirty dishes. Organize your refrigerator, and clean your oven. Yes, Buyers will look inside!

If you have small children, there are certainly going to be toys, perhaps you could keep them to one small area of the house. Buy some totes that you can keep toys in, you can quickly drop toys in.

Front closet, organize shoes. Buy totes to store shoes in or buy some inexpensive shoe organizers.

Organize the linen closets, vanities, that beautiful walk-in closet. Showcase them!

Try to remove your furry friends if at all possible. Most people love animals but some are allergic and you don't want your pet escaping when the door opens.

Don't forget the garbage. Remove garbage from under the sink and bathrooms.

Have everyone in the family help out. Hubby keeps the garage and man cave organized, wife does kitchens and baths, children clean up their rooms. However, you would like to designate jobs.

And with winter approaching, have salt on hand. Keep sidewalks, driveways clean. Last year we couldn't find salt, so it's a great idea to stock up now.

If you have any questions about preparing for showings, or any other real estate related questions. Call, text or email me.