Spring Has Sprung

The weather is not as hot as we would like right now, but houses are selling faster than... well hot cakes.  With having houses on the market for only such a short period of time there are certain techniques that Realtors have started to leverage.  One noticeable one is the 'Coming Soon' signs.

This strategy is designed to draw preliminary interest.  To give a little 'sneak peak' or 'dangle the carrot' if you will is the goal attempting to attract a higher price bid.  With this being used more and more it is believed to become less and less effective on its own.  Having a 'Coming Soon' sign up also needs to be followed up with some hard work and boots on the ground strategies.  Signs will never be replaced with good old fashion hard work.

Sticking with the hard work theme some other strategies are closely analyzed by Century 21 Agents.

Ask myself or one of the agents today on what we do to ensure your selling experience is a warm one.