Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale

Did you know that potential buyers form an opinion of the home they are visiting in the first 90 seconds? That 90 percent of people are incapable of imagining living in a home that has not been prepped.

There are some very specific techniques you can apply to neutralize your property so that it will please the majority of buyers, influence the sale price, and reduce the length of time your home is on the market.

The first step in the staging of your home is to create new arrangements with your furniture. This will highlight the positive aspects of your living space, such as open areas, ease of circulation, size, light, and the main purpose of each room. It is important to create as much room as possible so that visitors have an impression of space and dimension.

To do this keep only the furniture that is necessary for daily life, such as the kitchen, dining room table, sofa, chairs and other decorative elements that are both simple and neutral.  Walls, shelving units and kitchen counters should be populated very very sparingly.  Family photographs, ornaments, and art works are potential elements that could put potential buyers off.  Personal items can be a distraction and prevent visitors from being able to manage living in your home.

The idea is depersonalize your rooms, to make them neutral by opting for a neutral wall instead of flowery wallpaper, for example, which not everyone will like. Choose a restrained, elegant decor that will attract a young couple as much as a family!