Why choose a REALTOR?

While many people prefer to sell their homes themselves, and avoid giving a Realtor® commission fees, the truth is, selling a home is a challenging thing to do, and a professional Realtor® has a lot of benefits.

For starters, certified agents have a huge network of resources at their disposal to help them sell homes. They may already have clients already looking for a home. They will definitely have access to online and other networking markets, making it easy for them to promote, even internationally, a home that goes up for sale. Frequently, agents also have a network of other agents with whom they share resources. So choosing a professional agent isn't like getting just anyone to try to sell your home. It's a specialized profession for a reason.

Due to their experience in the field, a Realtor® might have some extremely valuable advice that will help sell a home faster, or for more money, than a lay-person may have been able to do on their own. For example, many agents know a lot of tricks about home staging, a technique proven to frequently create higher and quicker sales.

Not only that, they can recommend people to help with any renovations or fix-ups a home may need. When a service-person gets referred by a Realtor® again and again, they are highly likely to give a good rate to those using their services as a result. Plus, the Realtor's experience with them proves that they are the best-otherwise someone whose reputation and livelihood was on the line (an agent) wouldn't be using them in the homes they are selling.

Finally, some sales just don't go smoothly. Depending on the property for sale and the people involved, clauses and loopholes can create confusion. There are a number of legal requirements that must be met in a home sale. There is also a lot of paperwork. A Realtor® knows what they are and can easily guide one through the process.

Also, remember that when a home is up for sale, lots of people might inquire about it, and even want to see it, whether they are serious about buying or not. A Realtor® can take responsibility for not only showing your home, but also weeding out the pre-qualified buyers from those that are just browsing. This can save a seller lots of time.

So while it may be painful to imagine giving a percentage of your precious equity away to a Realtor®, remember that it is an important service that is being provided. Most agents charge fair rates for the amount of time and effort they put into selling your home. And remember, an agent may be able to get you a higher sale anyway, in which case there's more in your pocket in the long run anyway.

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