2010 Winter Olympics – Road Update

For those of you living in Downtown Vancouver, you will be expecting a big commute change during Winter Olympics. Since downtown is anticipated to be the busiest attraction during Olympics, Government is expecting to close down 50% of the local road in the city.

The major roads that are expected to be closed are: Expo and Pacific Boulevards, the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts, Quebec Street between Terminal Street and Second Avenue, Canada Place and Waterfront Road.

There will be check points at various location (please refer to the PDF file) to reduce any unnecessory traffic. This means that road to Whistler will be highly monitored and if you just want to take a peek at the Olympics, you would be better off checking out the ‘live site’ in downtown.

Check out the live site right across my office at 421 Pacific St. It is at Davie Lam Park, where you can get the live update for Olympics.

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