29 Tips That Can Get Homes Sold Fast!

From this really pertinent and useful document, how about 2 tips here?

- Clean Like You've Never Cleaned Before…because you might be going up against brand-new homes. I see a lot of open houses and for some reasons, I always fall in love with the ones that are clean and ready to move in. You are busy? Why not increasing your chances to sell and hire a professional like Maid Natural Cleaning to do it for you? It's little money to invest for extra $$$ on your home final selling price!

- Don't Let a Smell be Your Downfall! Selling a house is one of the most important decision of your life and it's high emotional. Guess what? The buyers are emotional too and you want them to fall in love! Eliminate the smell and sell! Again, the professional cleaners can help!

If you wish to get more tricks to sell your home, just email me at francis.piche@century21.ca and I will be happy to send you the remaining 27 tricks!


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