A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and a lot of $$$)...

Spot the Problems with these MLS Photos.. (there may be mutiple)..

A Duplex? No. So why only half a house displayed as the main photo? Priced at $999000.  I sure hope for that price tag my buyers are getting both halves of this place.



Mismatched Mania! Bumper stickers, screw drivers holding open washing machines, empty pop bottles, laundry baskets and even a bag of chips... Wow, couldn't you picture yourself calling this place home... NOT.


As unique as this road is.. I'd prefer to see a little more house and a little less street..


I personally recommend my vendors to do as much de-cluttering as possible before the photographer arrives... clearly someone missed the memo.  Dirty towels, mis-matched shower curtains, and every type of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and toilet cleaner you can imagine makes this bathroom a new home owners dream.

Vancouver was hit by a two week snow storm, yes, but its been gone for weeks now... Update those photos so buyers can see a little more house and a little less snow.  Most people would rather imagine themselves in warm, sunny Vancouver rather than freezing, snow covered Nunavut.

       Quality listing photos are imperitive.  These pictures are a buyers FIRST IMPRESSION of their future possible HOME.  The pictures displayed above are hardly inviting to anyone, let alone a buyer.  Believe it or not, these listing photos took me less than 10 minutes to find searching random properties on MLS.  And.. it only took me that long because so many of the listings had one or less pictures for me to choose from.  This leads me to the importance of multiple photos for a listing. 

      MLS allows realtors to upload 10 pictures per property... there shouldn't be ANY reason why there are any less than 10 pictures per listing.  I recently emailed a couple, looking to relocate downtown, 20 different listings that fit their criteria.  I suggested that they write down their 8 favorites and I would do my best to set up showings for later this week.  Of the 20 I sent them there were 4 with only 1 photo.  I spoke with them today and of their 8 choices not one of the listings with 1 photo made the cut.  So how much did not having 10 photos hurt those sellers? Well noone can answer that decisively... but would those 4 listings have had a better shot at selling if my buyers would have at least been enticed to see them personally? Most likely. 

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