A Slow Market? Says Who???

Everywhere I turn - TV, Newspapers, Radio, Coffee Shop Talk... I hear the same thing... "Vancouver's Real Estate Market is sooooo slow".   When I introduce myself to anyone new and state my career choice they cringe and a look of pity and despair takes over their face.  "Ohhh this must be a tough time to be a Realtor hey?" "I heard that 3000 Realtors quit in the last year in Vancouver" "Tough time to make a living in this market" and on and on and on.....

My response is quick, fact based and a true reflection of actually how BUSY I am.   I have referred 5 different clients in the past week to a mortgage broker for pre-approval.  I have showed an endless amount of properties in the past week to eager buyers whose confidence in these "trying times" seems to be improving.  I have witnessed over 300 new listings come on the marker in the area I concern myself with in the past 2 days... and over 100 sales!   

I just watched a house sell in Mount Pleasant for nearly $20000 over the asking price after nearly 2 monthes on the market.  This property sat stagnant for the past 50 some odd days and then suddenly sold for over asking price? This is not a sign of a drastically slowing market; in fact, its a sign of a market that is active and plentiful with buyers.  Properties that are priced well are moving and buyers out there are getting deals.

Next time you hear that the Vancouver Real Estate Market is in dissaray and despair do me a favor and ask yourself who is providing you with this information.  Contact a local Realtor or Mortgage Broker and ask them how "slow" they are... We happen to be able to pass on the true information as we are at the forefront of this debate everyday.  We live, eat and breathe Vancouver Real Estate every single day... so who would know better than us?

Blog by Kelsie Struch, 778.387.6090, Century21sellsvancouver.com

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