A Trump above the rest - Trump Tower initial VIP release

Trump Tower - Vancouver

Today I was invited to visit Vancouver's newest ground-breaking development boasting the renowned Trump name.

I have included the highlights from both the VIP package and some defining pictures of the presentation centre showcasing the high quality finishing’s of the 1139 West Georgia St. residence. This is the first release and some aspects of the pricing and styling may see changes as we get closer to completion. Back in 2007 when this plan was proposed the square footage cost were estimated at $2000/sqft however, much to our surprise, the cost have been re-evaluated and reduced to accommodate the current market and now is estimated at $1500/sqft.



Trump Card

One feature that I will be keeping my eye out for is the Trump Card. Whether it is an extra feature that delivers little more than the already outstanding promises or could it take the Trump life to another level...? Who knows but it sounds pretty enticing.












Contact and Questions

Remember, if you would like more information about the Trump Tower development and any of the suites within, feel free to call or email me anytime at 604 442 9325.




















































A few images I took of the presentation displays




























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