A meeting with the YBIA (Yaletown Business Improvement Association) and the Honourable James Moore

The YBIA (Yaletown Business Improvement Association) was invited to have a candid conversation with the Honourable James Moore

FYI we met we listened to each other to discuss good things and difficult things within our business'...Also to see if the Fed's will help in start funding some of our Yaletown events...not our BIA but events...hens why the YBIA got the meeting. So we can continue to promote Yaletown and it's attractions to Canada and the World!

Other topics we discussed as a group (and the group consist of the was Restaurant owners, land Lords, Tech company owners, Real estate and Mortgage Brokerage owners (me), clothing Retailer....:)

  • Property Taxes are too high
  • HST was delivered POORLY and for that we are hopeful that it doesn't srew up our Province in the next election
  • Olympic Village (even though not the Fed level, but he brought it up)
  • Immigration hiring...why is it so difficult
  • Wanting to keep our Yaletown a Heritage area...and we need help finding out how
  • Need Help finding the funding assistance the Fed Gov offers (seems to be the best kept secret)

James is a well spoken and educated fellow who brought value to the table and for that we thanked him!

Cheers Mike

Michael La Prairie, Owner
CENTURY 21 In Town Realty
CENTUM Pacific Mortgages

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