Active Representation

When life happens, it is very important to have contacts at the ready. Having active representation should be a priority. Have a list of professionals that you can go to for your needs when they come up. The list should include, and not limited to, Doctor(s), Lawyer(s), Dentist, Auto Mechanic, Insurance Broker, Accountant, and a Realtor. Most people do not have a complete list of who they may need for any occasion.

Having a list of professionals on hand will save time. The list will also be of great importance for information on medications, litigation, past car problems, insurance costs/deductions, of whatever you may have forgotten or become foggy on by living your daily life. We all get distracted. Have the professionals handle your files.

Nearly 70% of the population does not have active representation of a professional Realtor. The average individual in Canada relocates approximately every 5-7 years. Should it not be important to have someone at the ready to help out when decisions have to made about where you live? Plan ahead. If you do not have any representation, then find some. Make some calls, make some connections, and decide who you would like to have represent you.

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