Are you kidding me?

Last week a colleague of mine at CENTURY 21 In Town Realty wrote an offer on a condo on Marinaside Crescent. Her clients were a young couple receiving money fro their parents. The condo was a one bedroom with a partial water view listed at $469,000. The offer was for $420,000-all cash, no financing subject, not something we are seeing very often with money being harder to get these days (remember the Real Estate market is apparently crashing and bank are toughening up). The closing date was in three weeks-before Christmas. The sellers of the condo would not even look at the offer, no counter was made, no discussion was had. How does this happen? Do you not want to sell your condo? It's December, the chances of you receiving another offer before February are fairly slim, let along an all cash offer with a three week closing.

What should have happened? Counter at $460,000 if you want to. Play the game. Nine out of ten times the first offer you get is the best. What can you lose by countering? Call us when you are serious about selling.

Are you kidding?

Craig Rushton, Century 21 In Town Realty Vancouver BC

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