Bathroom Renovations...

Renovations...when is a good time to do them? How about when opportunities arise. Our strata had to repair some minor deficiencies on the third floor of our yaletown townhome, so we decided that we would make the changes that we wanted to do at the same time. We wanted to move the laundry down to the second floor, but needed to relocate it to the closet on the second floor right beside the bathroom. Our goal was to make the third floor bigger by taking out the laundry and to redo our ensuite to include the laundry. The third floor is done now, except for the glass railing, and the ensuite construction began today.

The orange day bed is where the laundry used to be and the glass railing should be in soon. You can also see what the bathroom used to look like.


Trevor Redpath and his crew from Redpath Construction, are doing the work for us. Today was demolition day as well as creating the general layout of what will be happening over the next little while. Michael Gotziaman, owner of one point six design studio, designed our bathroom and has some amazing ideas to make the space work. We will have to wait a couple of weeks to see those ideas, but in the meantime, this was todays finished goal.


Over the next 3 weeks I will be blogging about the renovation and adding pictures so you can see the transformation.


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