Bathroom Renovations Part 2

Bathroom renovations are a great addition to your home, but are even better when they are done on time.

Due to things out of our control, a delayed order of tiles and a mishap with a vanity being custom built, we ended week two behind. A new tile choice has been made and are now waiting for install. The vanity that should have been made will be in the works tomorrow and hopefully ready in the week, if they're able to rush it. Our contractor, Trevor Redpath, has been great and is helping organize the new vanity and getting it built for us.

It's exciting to see things coming together for week three.  Drywalling done and shower basin ready for the next step!

 The first picture is where the closet used to be and where the new home for the washer and dryer will be.


The vanity will run infront of the window with a marble top with a round vessel sink on the left side of the vanity. There will be a space between the window and vanity for natural light to come in and for uplighting at night.

This will be a glass enclosed shower with a pouring rain shower head. Nu heat floors and a continuous flow of tiling from the floor to the walls. 

The bathroom is taking shape and next weeks installment will show major changes for sure!

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