"By Sea And Land We Prosper" - So Its' Lights Out on Saturday the 27th!

"By Sea And Land We Prosper"


That's the quote carved onto the facade of The Burrard Street Bridge. Vancouver's beloved Mike McCardell of Global TV, recently did a story on the city landmark. In it there is a wonderful close-up of the carving, under Vancouver's Coat of Arms. It's a great motto and one that is a valid reminder these days of how fragile our environment is, and that if we wish to continue to prosper from our Sea and Land, that we must always keep in mind that we are the stewards of them.


  • On the two piers which support the central concrete gallery are molded the prows of boats with figureheads to represent Captain George Vancouver and Captain Harry Burrard. Interestingly, Harry Burrard, for whom the bridge is named, never came within 5,000 kilometres of this area. He'd been an acting lieutenant with George Vancouver in the West Indies, so the bridge architect chose to honour them together.
  • The pierced handrails were designed as a kind of visual shutter, (stroboscopic effect), so that at speeds from about 40 to 60 km/h., motorists see through them with an uninterrupted view of the harbour.
  • The Burrard Bridge Lane Reallocation Trial started last July, and is still continuing. This was the simplest, most environmentally sustainable and the least expensive way to address a long-standing problem of biking and walking across the bridge. Three lanes heading into downtown remain unchanged, but one lane headed out has been cordoned off and protected as a bike and pedestrian lane only. City staff will report back to council soon to make recommendations as to the permanence of the lane designations.  


On that environmentally friendly note, here's another great thing we can all participate in to do our bit for Our Planet, and to lessen our environmental footprint.   


Earth Hour is coming up! Remember to TURN OUT your lights for one hour on Saturday, March 27, at 8:30, local time. Visit this great website to add your own story and to sign up for the Take Action Pledge. Be one of the 81478 people in Canada so far this year who have already done so! Turn out and tune in to turn on!


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