CENTURY 21 In Town Realty and CENTUM Pacific Mortgages 2010 Golf Tourney for EASTER SEALS

Century 21 In Town Realty and CENTUM Pacific Mortgages held their annual Golf Tournament at Mylora Golf Course (#5 Road). And yes once again the Sun was out in full force. Our mission is for the two companies to go out have some fun, and leave work behind for a couple hours...and as well, to raise $$$ for EASTER SEAL "Send a Kid to Camp" which we did....Over the last few weeks coming up to the Golf Tourney we raise close to $500.00 for Easter Seals. We had a blast, GREAT People, GREAT Day, GREAT Food and some Super speeches...thanks Chantal!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for donating prizes for this event. We realize that the last few years have been hard on all business' and to see those companies whom we deal with on a day to day basis come up with some fabulous prizes amazes me still today. Yes we even had some that couldn't, but we totally understand and appreciated their honesty...you can't do every thing!

So a BIG thank you to:

CIBC Yaletown, Pat Wright Notary, Lawrie Thom Mortgage Architects, Wendy Fuller Notary, Ricoh Office Equipment, Dan Moen Movie Tours, CENTUM Pacific Mortgages, CENTURY 21 Canada, University Golf Club, Colourtech, IHN Media, Real Estate Channel, Absolute Techincal, Regal Cleaners, Photo Gift Cards, Candi Dias Notary, Wayne DeJong Pillar to Post, Landmark Law, Drysdale Bacon Law Group, Adam Killam and Delta Hotels. Without the efforts these companies and individuals put into our event it wouldn't be nearly as fun...we appreciate your business and friendship....thank you Michael La Prairie, CENTURY 21 In Town Realty & CENTUM Pacific Mortgages.

Oh ya the winners of this years Golf Tourney was Mike Walton, Dinni Kelly, Aleya Bhaloo and John McCabe a wopping 3 under Par!


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