CLS – CREATE 21 Canada Helps You Recruit Top Performers, Thank you CENTURY 21 Canada

CLS – CREATE 21 Canada Helps You Recruit Top Performers

Each week, CREATE 21 students reported that they felt motivated to apply what they learned and felt prepared to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the program!

Confidence and motivation are key ingredients for long-term success. Using the techniques learned in CREATE 21, students apply recently-developed skills to their prospecting efforts, listing presentations and contract negotiations. The Sales Representative enjoys the confidence and motivation gained, and you will appreciate the boost in production!

CREATE 21 provides your agents the opportunity to generate higher production in less time, all for just $121! Encourage your agents to participate, and help them understand the importance of establishing goals and working towards them each week. CREATE 21 also provides a Web-based resource centre with weekly post-class resources and ideas. Make this buying season one that will have your agents feeling accomplished at year-end and proud to be a part of the CENTURY 21 ® Canada System.

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