Canada's smallest condos!

Althought downtown Vancouver is home to many studios and 500 sq ft 1-bedrooms, the newest batch of teeny tiny homes are going to be built in Surrey!  These "micro suites" will be as small as 290 square feet (which is still larger than Gastown's 226 sq ft micro-lofts. 


Some people are surprised to hear these micro-suites are being in built in Surrey and not Vancouver. Vancouver has a fantastic reputation of having an incredibly livable downtown, being pedestrian-friendly and easy access to transit.  The same cannot be said about Surrey.  However, a less-than-ideal location location means a lower price tag. Pricing has not been revealed for this project but typically Surrey condos have a $350/sq ft range, so the suites may be priced around $100,000, making them one of the most affordable options for buyers. 

I think the "micro suites" are a great idea. If there is a demand for them then why not? It opens up the opportunity to purchase rather than rent, at a lower price.  I love that small spaces force people to be mindful of what they keep in their homes (there's no room to collect clutter and junk in less than 300 sq ft) and to come up with creative design and storage solutions.  Sometimes people are under the belief that they need more space when they really just want more.  Of course it would be nice to have a spacious home to stretch out, and hopefully one day you will, but in the meantime it's possible to be quite content in a "micro suite" that you can call your own.

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Sarah Pouttu
CENTURY 21 In Town Realty

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