Canadian Real Estate agent services need to be more competitive

On Monday the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) announced it would loosen up service fees by allowing the public to list their property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service for a flat fee. What the specifics are has yet to be announced by CREA. But the competition bureau says it needs to go much further in allowing for more choice for consumers. It seems that this battle will end up decided by the courts if CREA has it's way.

Personally I know that commission rates for real estate services vary from province to province. And BC on average has a lower fee on services than other provinces like Ontario. But it is important to adapt and offer choices for consumers. I believe that if you offer value for your services that makes you valuable to your clients. As to what the future holds remains to be seen, but a sliding fee scale based on services provided will likely be, in some form implimented. For more real estate or Vancouver condo info contact Kerry Stimpson Century 21 In Town Realty 

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