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Vancouver's West End in Beautiful British Columbia

What's the best thing about living in the West End? Could it be That no matter where you are you're close to the beach? Could it be that your backyard is the worlds largest park (Stanley Park) in an urban setting? Could it be the mature trees that line every street? Or maybe it's the United Nations of Restaurants along Denman, Davie, and Robson Streets? Situated on the peninsula that's bordered ...

Olympic Fever

Visitors to our beautiful city are falling in love! Vancouver Real Estate is incredibly attractive to the investor that sees just how unique we are. Surrounded by mountains and ocean, right next door to the largest park in an urban setting in the world! Vancouver has nowhere to go but up! We don't have any more room to grow out, so this means up, up, up. I mean physically as well as property ...

Real changes of Olympic proportions!

The distant rumbling you hear are the proposed changes to mortgage term length and minimum down payment. If the CMHC and the Bank of Canada go through with their proposed changes, from a maximum 35 years to 25 years on a mortgage requiring a minimum 10% down payment, some will suffer, and some will gain. Anyone already on a 35 year term won't be forced to reduce that term, however, buyers that ...

Buy Now? Or, Pay Later! Vancouver Real Estate

This is the time we've all been waiting for in the Vancouver Real Estate Market! The opportunities are finally there for the savvy home buyer. Not only are interest rates low,(3.59% for a 5 yr!) but home prices are more accessible than ever. With price reductions across the board, and sellers more willing to negotiate than any time in recent memory. I still find it funny, however, that when ...