Century 21 In Town Realty Vancouver BC Website Statistics for August 2009

As you may or not be aware, we post our Company's website statistics every month...WHY? Because we are proud of our Team's accomplishments, with out their efforts in our Web Marketing Strategy our Company website wouldn't be as Powerful. It's also a nice feeling to know that the Company's website is actually producing Business and LEADS to it Realtors on top of the business they generate themselves!

So here are our Statistics for August 2009...Cheers Michael La Prairie CENTURY 21 In Town Realty

From August 02, 2009 through September 01, 2009, 6,322 people visited your website an average of 1.09 times for a total of 6,889 visits. Your website generated 15,936 page views with an average visitor viewing 2.52 pages per visit. Of the 6,322 total visitors, 4,921 were new visitors and 767 were returning visitors.

Visitors to your website previewed 24,467 properties, viewed 50,303 property details, and launched 7,884 Showcase 21 tours.

Your website generated 60 online leads, including 4 new Account registrations.


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