Century 21 In Town Realty Vancouver BC website stats for late 30 days ending July 12th 2010

It's already July 2010...and we (Century 21 In Town Realty) haven't seen a market slow down like the Press is quoting..maybe a national average, but a local one??? not ours in this office:

As promised every month we'll post our last 30 days website statistics for your review...any questions just call:

Michael La Prairie, CENTURY 21 In Town Realty 1.604.685.5951 or email us at intownrealty@century21.ca

From June 12, 2010 through July 12, 2010, 5,493 people visited your website an average of 1.10 times for a total of 6,024 visits. Your website generated 17,274 page views with an average visitor viewing 3.14 pages per visit. Of the 5,493 total visitors, 4,055 were new visitors and 798 were returning visitors.

Visitors to your website previewed 12,986 properties, viewed 70,486 property details, and launched 2,740 Showcase 21 tours.

Your website generated 43 online leads, including 6 new Account registrations.


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