Century 21 In Town Realty Website statistics for November 2010

WOW, I can't believe 2010 is almost over...what a change a year makes. I hope 2010 ends well for you, and that you accomplished your goals and followed your plans...I know we did!

I also noticed I missed sending our web statistics to you for the last couple months so here is our latest: The 94 leads was inflated ... we had someone email 32 of our Realtors an offer to buy Pens (weird). But the traffic flow and property details is a noticeable increase. I believe that is due to two main reasons. Our website has had a huge overhaul. A new look, new features (community and city & neighbourhood profiles), and our Team continues to act like a team and supports the web marketing strategy that Century 21 In Town Realty and Century 21 Canada has implemented. It's great to to be a part of this momentum and see it grow! Check it out!
  See you around....cheers Mike

From October 29, 2010 through November 28, 2010, 7,540 people visited your website an average of 1.09 times for a total of 8,226 visits. Your website generated 20,537 page views with an average visitor viewing 2.72 pages per visit. Of the 7,540 total visitors, 5,740 were new visitors and 1,025 were returning visitors.

Visitors to your website previewed 10,499 properties, viewed 96,730 property details, and launched 1,997 Showcase 21 tours.

Your website generated 94 online leads, including 5 new Account registrations.

Michael La Prairie
CENTURY 21 In Town Realty
CENTUM Pacific Mortgages
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