Christmas Puppy

Christmas Puppy


The holiday season always seems to come in like a stray puppy you find wandering around the neighbourhood.  Now the thought of a puppy is always well received and finding one and bringing it into your home to help it is a noble act that warms your heart.   Just thinking of how good it is to help out and how much joy a cute little puppy will bring to everyone is irresistible… and besides the kids will love him.  That’s how it always starts

At first our little bundle of joy brings smiles to everybody’s face.  Nobody minds that he jumps up on the guests with his muddy paws and sleeps on the couch.  It’s a puppy and he’s only here for a while.  At first he eats with you at the table, just an extra place setting -  no big deal.  Soon you find out, though, that this particular puppy has a very specialized diet.  His diet consists mainly of high calorie cookies and baked goods.  Strictly high fat and carbs for this visitor and store bought just won’t do.  Oh yes there are plenty of off the shelf puppy chows out there but they just don’t taste the same and come on who serves store bought pre-fab puppy food to  special guests.

It seems that your regular water dish isn’t quite good enough either.  Better crack open the good stuff.  The dusty bottles in the back are what this furry little friend needs to really bring out the best of the season.  And while you’re at it lets invite everybody over to see this little darling.  He’s only here until his rightful owners call so you’d better make the most of it.

It’s around this time that some “unfavourable qualities” start showing up.  Firstly our canine cutey isn’t house trained and it gets a little tiring picking up after the little guy.  You start leaving him outside a little longer each time just to get a small break from his very cheery demeanour as well.

 Another surprise comes in the form of an exotic flea that this annual guest carries with him called the Bahum Bug.  Now, unlike regular fleas, you can’t kill a Bahum Bug.  There are, however, several potions that quell the sting of this little critter so you’d better stock up.  Rum and Egg Nog does the trick pretty good at first but it won’t take long for you to build up a tolerance to this watered down medicine so after a couple of weeks you’ll be switching to dry martinis and Scotch, neat!

After about a week of your puppy guest you start convincing everyone and yourself that maybe we should hang up signs around the neighbourhood to find this little guys owners.  Out there somewhere is a home without its dog.  A child is defiantly missing his best friend and keeping him is just not the right thing to do especially during the holidays. 

So you put a leash on him and take him for a walk.  You go door to door to see if you can find the family who’s missing this angel and you soon discover that everyone has a stray puppy.  You sample all the different specialty foods as each puppy has its own unique diet.  It seems that each house has a Bahum Bug Brine that is as different as each one of these strays and you had better try each one twice – just to make sure.  Ah the holiday spirit is alive and well.

Getting home you haven’t found its owners but the little guy is sleeping now tired from all that walking and sampling and he is soooo cute plus all this cheer has put him in a whole new light again.  Tomorrow is the big day.  The family is coming for dinner to meet your holiday guest and there is no time to dwell on his countless imperfections.  It’s around this time that the phone rings.  It’s his owner, they’ve seen one of your signs and they want the little guy back.  You ask them to allow you to keep him just another day…for the kids.  Luckily they’re heading out of town for the holidays….Hawaii, Smart!  They’ll pick up Sparky on the 28th if you don’t mind keeping him until then.  No time to barter the family is coming…of course we’ll keep him until the 28th …just don’t be late!

And so it goes.  The big day comes, dinner is great, Sparky is a hit, the kids love him. The in-laws even help pick up after him when you’re in the kitchen making dinner.  It`s a night to remember and we really should do this more often .

Things quiet down after the big day and Sparky quickly looses his charm.  You would like to leave him out for the next three days until he goes home but there are enough leftovers to feed him and the house is already a mess anyways.  The kids play with him and they have even started taking him for walks so you grin and bare it. 

The owners come and get him after their relaxing holiday in the sun and you make sure Sparky gets in the car with them.  You wish them luck and wave goodbye with a sigh.  Once he’s gone you pack all the puppy gear away but these little guys shed (tinsel and pine needles) so he’s gone but not forgotten plus you got some great pictures of Sparky and the kids. 

Happy Holidays!!



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