Christmas Time in Our Multicultural Vancouver


Christmas Time in Our Multicultural Vancouver


Well, it's that time again! As we al Council helps the cities different cultural groups ce

 Such a great idea and a great way to educate the people of Vancouver about their neighbours and their celebrations.


The Vancouver Christmas Market is back for its third year from November 24 to December 24, 2012 on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza. Sample their delicious food items from Germany and find your unique Christmas gift. Enjoy seasonal music and a great entertainment program of authentic folk groups.


Then there is the celelbration of Traditional European and American Christmas Music with The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Last year every ticket sold out for these performances - so book while you can. 


For all people young and old, Christmas at the Vancouver Aquarium is a real treat. And if the tree being lit by an electric eel isn't enough, there's also the amazing "Scuba Claus" feeding the fish in the big tank to the absolute delight of all.


 Whatever your cultural heritage or your tradition for celebrating this season, remember to be kind to each other and enjoy spending time with the ones you love. Happy Holidays.



What was the best part of your week? 




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