Coal Harbour Sales - Yes Buyers Are In The Hunt

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Just a quick note on some activity from last week - as mentioned in my last post.

A great studio at the Dockside - 1478 W Hastings - which commands a rental rate that has the property into positive cash flow - sold last week - with multiple offers - at $365,000.00.  This is a building to keep on eye on.  Another one of our listings at the Cascina - 590 Nicola - one of the best developments in the Coal Harbour area also sold - at $860,000.00.  This is a great option - to be living in a premier waterfront building but paying under half as much as the folks who are on the north side in view homes. 

We also have another accepted offer on an excellent listing at the Palladio - 1228 W Hastings - which is now going throught the conditions stage of the sale.  This home was an immaculate executive vacation home - and it showed.  Appliances never used - two large parking stalls - only steps from the waterfront and all the downtown core has to offer.  The view was exceptional from all rooms - looking out over the Coal Harbour Community Center. 

Special note to buyers - due to our location and experience in the local area - we do have a list of homes that are not on the market but the owners have passed along they would be interested in selling.  If your in the hunt - stop by for a chat. 

We are seeing an increase in activity on many fronts.  Foreign investors are back.  For good reason.  Security and peace of mind.  With the never ending turmoil found throughout the world - Canada is now a solid option as a safe haven for liquid funds.  Solid banking - stable government all add up to Canada and especially Vancouver - holding its place - as a world destination.  Take a day like today - you only have to stroll the seawall and the city to understand why.

Thinking of buying or selling a home in Vancouver - talk to someone who is in tune with whats going on in your area(s) of interest.  It is very easy - and many do - to copy and paste monthly statistics from real estate resources.  That's the easy way.  Ensure you employ a professional who can disect the micro real estate markets found throughout our wonderful city.

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