Condo Liquidation Sale

Dear Adam Knight,    

MAC is honoured to be able to provide for you the greatest opportunity to buy real estate below market value that we've seen in decades. 

We are putting together a huge group of buyers to make a bulk purchase of condos from one of BC's leading developers. We would really like you and your clients to be a part of it.

We put this realtor package (attached below) together for you so that you could be informed when your clients call. In addition to a copy of one of the ads, we've created and included an FAQ document to answer some of the most obvious questions. We've also attached some information about just a few of the co-marketing efforts we are happy to undertake with your cooperation.

Tomorrow we will hold a press conference and expect regional, provincial and possibly national coverage so you may receive calls from your clients after that. On Friday our first ad hits the market with more ads coming out in various publications the next day.

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